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Islamic studies scholarship


There is a scholarship available for international Muslim students interested in Islamic studies in Iran
Students on the scholarships will receive a tuition waiver,  accommodation, medical insurance,  an adequate amount of living expense, thesis or dissertation preparation fees, as well as a round-trip plane ticket during their studies.
The scholarship partially cover living expense of married students and their families during the studies
All applicants applying for the scholarship should pass an interview and meet following conditions:

Short-term program

Prerequisite course




  • Age: under 50
  • Active in scientific, cultural and religious affairs in the native country
  • Fluent in Arabic or Farsi or English
  • Familiarity with Islamic sciences
  • Age: between 18-22
  • Passing entrance exam
  • Age: under 23
  • Passing prerequisite course
  • Fluent in Arabic or Farsi
  • Age: under 30
  • Bachelor degree
  • Passing related test
  • Fluent in Farsi and well in Arabic
  • Age: under 35
  • Master degree
  • Fluent in Arabic or Farsi or English

Special offers for :
1- Individuals knowing Quran by heart
2- Genius individuals
3- Individuals graduated from the Organization of religious Schools out of Iran
4- Individuals holding a significant degree
5- Individuals fluent in several languages
6- Individuals having some expertise in culture, art, writing
7- Individuals active in social, cultural, religious and scientific affairs
8- Enthusiastic couples passing conditions
9- Children of distinguished personalities
10- Individuals granting scholarship from religious organizations or personalities 


For more information visit the Center of Islamic Studies

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