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There are more than 100 universities accredited by UNESCO in Iran that offer about 400 fields of study in different levels from associate to doctoral degree to international students.

 The language of instruction in Iranian universities is Farsi so that all international students should have a good command of Persian language to study in Iran.

Universities don't have any formal requirements of proficiency in the Persian language  However, as all teaching is carried out in Persian, you will need to be able to read, write, and communicate effectively in the language.

Usually a six month language course before starting your main program in is recommended if you have no prior knowledge of Persian.

General policies on admission of foreign students:

Students will be admitted based on the following  requirements:

1-Applicants for a Bachelor's program must hold a high school diploma with a minimum grade point average of 12.5 out of 20, and should not be over 22 years old
2- Applicants for a Master's program must hold a valid Bachelor's degree with a grade point average of 14 out of 20, and should not be over 28 years old.
3- Applicants for a Ph.D. program must hold a valid Master's degree with a grade point average of 16 out of 20, and should not be over 32 years old.
4- All applicants should be free of all kinds of drug addictions.
5- Applicants not on scholarship should have adequate financial support for their tuition fees and living expenses.


For more information visit the list of Iranian universities and education resources.

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